Welcome to our new video pages. Here we will be featuring a number of videos that help explain what we do and how we do it. More coming soon...

Carp of the future

An in-depth chat about VS Fish and the future

Towards the end of the 2011 harvest Danny Fairbrass of Korda called into see us and chat through what we do at VS Fisheries with Simon. During their in-depth chat various topics of conversation arose including how VS fish are produced and also plans for the future in supplying the country’s leading specimen fisheries.

Also included is the first footage of the exclusive ‘Harrow crosses’ that, despite their small size at the time of filming, are already causing quite a ripple in the UK carp fishery industry. Sit back and enjoy this fascinating discussion!

Uploaded: Oct 2011

A Visit to VS Fisheries

Carp TV visit VSF during our
2010/11 winter harvest.

Joe Morgan from Carp TV gets into his waders and joins us to help harvest a pond full of C3 and C4 carp during the 2010/2011 winter harvest. From draining and harvesting the pond through to relocating some of the fish to on-grow for another year, Joe gets his hands on some stunning VSF Sovereign Carp.

We hope that you enjoy this look at one of the muddier parts of our life and can see why producing fantastic carp is such a passion to all those involved at VS Fisheries.

Uploaded: Sep 2011