Stocking Paperwork

Stocking Paperwork

For all stockings into inland waters in England and Wales, except other CEFAS registered fish farms and ornamental ponds, there are two pieces of legislation that apply to you the customer and your fisheries. VS Fisheries carry out all its stockings following this legislation and will only supply fisheries that do the same.

In order for us to be able to supply our fish to you, you will need to ensure the fishery has the following certificate and permit in place.

CEFAS Fishery Registration Certificate

As part of 'The Aquatic Animal Health (England & Wales) Regulations 2008' it is a requirement for all fisheries to be 'registered' with CEFAS. This is a straight forward process and normally only takes 2-4 weeks once the application is submitted to CEFAS. If your fishery is not already registered then you please download the form RW1 here and submit your application to CEFAS.

EA Live Fish Movements Site Permit Stocking Paperwork

In January 2015 the legislation regarding stocking fish changed from the old Section 30 consent process to a new site permit system. The new system will reduce application and waiting times for all fisheries and suppliers.

To introduce any fish the fishery operator / owner must obtain a Live Fish Movement Site Permit from the EA. Once issued, this will detail the species that are allowed to be introduced along with additional conditions such as screening, health check requirements and maximum numbers of fish permitted. It will also act as your licence to keep non native species, such as catfish, within your fishery.

To apply for your Site Permit it is a simple case of contacting the EA Fish Movement Team on 01480 483968 or email them via You will require your fishery to be registered with CEFAS before hand as they will require your CEFAS registration numbers to process your application. This process can take between 2 –4 weeks normally although if your site is in conservation area then this may be extended up to 8 weeks due to Natural England consultation times.

The Stocking Procedure

Once we have a copy of your EA Site Permit we will take care of all the required paperwork and record keeping so you have nothing to worry about. As a supplier VSF are required, by the EA, to confirm that the fish we plan to introduce are listed within the permit and then the fish can be introduced.

If the fishery falls within a conservation area, such as a SSSI, we are required to give the EA a minimum of 48hrs notice of the stocking date. This information will be detailed in the site permit.

We will record all fish introductions and these will be reported to the EA and CEFAS as legally required so you have nothing to do in terms of additional paperwork.

When we deliver the fish you will receive a formal invoice, a fish production history sheet and a copy of the health check for the fish. It is worth keeping all this information for your records. Please note that we charge £10 + VAT to cover the administration process for each stocking.

Please note that VS Fisheries will not to supply any fish to sites that are not CEFAS and EA registered.