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Carp Prices

Below is a description of the fish that we produce at VS Fisheries. Our harvest / delivery season generally starts in late October and finishes in early March whilst water temperatures are at their lowest. This minimises the stress on the fish during the entire harvest and transporting process.

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Please contact us for details of the fish we have available for the forthcoming winter and beyond.

1-Summer Carp (C1)

No of FishPrice per C1 Carp
50+ £1.00
500+ 70p

These first year fish are generally between 2-5 inches and are ideal for fisheries that want to on-grow fish themselves in dedicated stock ponds. There is a minimum order of 50 fish of this year class.

2-Summer Carp (C2)

C2 Carp

£5.75 / lb
(£12.65 / Kg)

These fish are generally 10oz to 1.25lbs. Numbers of these fish are limited and availability will only be confirmed during the harvest period. Provisional orders and enquiries are welcomed in advance of the harvest.

3-Summer Carp (C3)

C3 Carp

£7.50 / lb
(£16.50 / Kg)

These hand selected fish range from 3.5 to 4.5 lbs in weight and at harvest will be 2.5 years old. In rich lightly-stocked waters we would expect these fish to be nearing double figures a full year after introduction. The exceptional potential of our C3 sovereign strains are highlighted by a number of fisheries that were stocked in November 2009 at around 4.0lbs average and by the winter of 2012 the front runners had reached in excess of 28 lbs.

4-Summer Carp (C4)

C4 Carp

£14.00 / lb
(£30.80 / Kg)

These 4-summer carp are one of our most popular age classes. At harvest we expect these hand selected fish range between 7 and 10 lbs and are 3.5 years old. From our experience these fish are the ideal size for introduction into established specimen carp fisheries that are looking for their big fish of the future.

5-Summer Carp (C5)

C5 Carp

£18.00 / lb
(£39.60 / Kg)

These 5 summer fish are 4.5 years old and range between 12 to 16 lbs at harvest. In the right waters we would expect these fish to be close to 20 lbs within a year of introduction. An exceptional example of these fish are a batch of C5s we stocked in 2010 at Airfield Lakes, which within 3.5 years, have reached up to 36lbs with lots of them being between 28 - 32lbs. We ensure that some males are selected within this year class and often these are towards the lower end of the size range and males will be included in all orders.

6-Summer Carp (C6)

C6 Carp

£35.50 / lb
(£78.10 / Kg)

These fish are truly the cream of the crop in terms of VSF carp as they have been hand selected over the previous five years. These fish are all 18lbs or above with many of them being between 20 - 22 lbs at harvest. These six summer fish are ideal for new fisheries that require some larger target fish initially or for established waters that need an introduction of hand selected specimen sized fish for the future.

Delivery Charges

Orders below £3000 exc VAT are liable to a delivery charge.
Orders above £3000 exc VAT are delivered free of charge up to 100 miles from our site.
Exact delivery costs are dependant on the distance from our farm and will be confirmed when you place your order.

With orders that consist of more than one year class of fish we will endeavour to deliver all your fish at the same time but in exceptional circumstances this may not be possible due to our harvest schedules. Delivery charges will apply to both deliveries but we will keep these costs to a minimum.

Smaller orders of our C1, C2 or C3 carp can be sent via an approved overnight courier as this is often the most cost effective method and will be charged at cost price including packaging.

Additional Services

We also offer a PIT tagging service so that your fish can be individually identified via the uniquely coded tag which is inserted into the shoulder of the fish. Many fisheries now tag all their fish for security purposes in a bid to reduce the risk of fish theft from their fisheries. We can supply all the required equipment such as hand held scanners and high quality signage for your fishery and boundary fences. Additionally we can arrange for your tag codes to be entered onto the national Pet Log database for a small extra charge. If you require further information on this tagging service and the current prices please call us.

General Information

All prices and delivery are subject to VAT at the standard rate at the time of delivery
A minimum of a 10% deposit is required upon formal confirmation of your order.
Payment for fish is required in full at the time of delivery.
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All prices correct and valid on fish sold up to and including 31stst March 2017.