Placing An Order

Stocking Paperwork

Ordering fish with us at VS Fisheries is straight forward and we aim to make it as easy a process as possible. Our fish are popular but please don’t assume that we won’t have fish available, even if it is only a month or two before the winter harvest period.

Initially, it is best to call Viv Shears on 07843306661 to discuss your requirements and also to check the availability of the fish you are after. If there is no answer then please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible – it is very likely that we are in a pond or delivering fish when you call. Alternatively use the Contact Us page to let us know what you are after.

All orders must then be confirmed by completing the Provisional Order Request Form, please download the form (Word 97+ doc format) then email it to Please note that sending this provisional order request form does not guarantee the supply of any fish and we will contact you to discuss your order fully.

After the fish have been reserved we will then write to you during the late spring period before the winter of delivery to confirm the order formally. At this stage we require a deposit equal to 10% of the estimated fish value (+VAT) and will also ask for all the fishery details which we need to comply with EA and CEFAS legislation regarding the introduction of fish into your site.

For more detail of the paperwork required please take a look at the Stocking Paperwork page. Receipt of the deposit and stocking details information then acts as your final confirmation of your order and we will then be in contact once harvest has begun to arrange a delivery date. Due to demand we are happy to take provisional orders well in advance of the anticipated winter of delivery and work with many customers on 3 to 5 year stocking plans, on which we are happy to offer advice.