Client Feedback

Last winter I bought 25 x C5 carp, including some of the Harrow strain mirrors, from VS Fisheries after having watched their fish grow exceptionally well at Rich Wilby’s Mustang Lake.  They went into my new Kings Court reservoir and were fed as soon as they went in.  They overwintered, spawned and have already recouped their pre-spawning weights plus some by mid-June, I’m really pleased with them so far and am sure they will all grow into big mean lumps.

A little later in the winter I had emptied my stock pond so bought another 45 C4’s from VS Fisheries to re-stock it; these were a mixture of scaley mirrors, liners, commons and the odd lighter scaled fish.  Again I fed them straight away and they are all looking really good.  I photographed every one of them as they went in and put them on my Bayeswater stock pond gallery if you want to see them. Later in the year we’ll catch the odd one and see how they are growing but already we think they are bigger than when we stocked them.

I’ve bought fish from several different sources over the years, choosing who I use carefully to vary the strains, so my lakes have a good “mixture” of carp types.  VS Fisheries already offer lots of variety with their different strains so it’s a one stop shop with VS Fisheries to create interesting new waters or to boost variety in existing waters, which is what anglers want.

I will certainly be coming back to the team at VS Fisheries in the future when I need any fish for my existing waters or others I develop.

Gary Bayes, Bayeswater Fisheries

I can’t recommend VS Fisheries highly enough for their help and support through the whole process, from advice before ordering all the way through to delivery of their lovely fish. A top professional company and I look forward to dealing with them again.

Ed Scambler, Suffolk

Embryo has stocked Viv and Simons’ fish at 3 of our venues over the last couple of winters. The fish have been in great condition and have grown well, what I particularly like is the variation. We have had batches including zip linears, fully scaled and lovely chestnut Harrow bloodline mirrors, it’s important to have a nice variation in your stock and you certainly get this with VS fish. Having been to the farm and see how much care and attention goes into the operation you can rest assured that the fish you receive will be of the highest quality, ticking all the boxes for growth, looks, and long term health.

We have also had loads of invaluable advice from the guys, as a big customer this might be expected but what’s really impressive is the feedback I get when doing fishery work all over the country as I’m consistently told how Viv and Simon have gone the extra mile to help small fishery owners. In short truly great fish with a personal touch and Embryo look forward to using them for our fish requirements and advice in the years to come.

Matt Pettitt, Embryo Operations Manager

Viv and Simon at VS Fisheries are true professionals. In a competitive market they still manage to remain the first choice carp supplier by producing high quality, fantastic looking, healthy carp. We are very satisfied with the choice available. They have a wide variety of bloodlines and by incorporating these in their fish production results in strong fish with premium looks and vigour.

I am very particular with carp sourcing and when stocking fish for the future, with these options coupled with a friendly reliable personal service, VS Fisheries is second to none.

Danial Hatherley-Hurford , Fisheries Solutions & Bray Lake Watersports Angling

In early 2015 I made the decision to remove a lot of our existing stock and introduce new fish but from where? After speaking to a good friend of mine Les Bamford who runs Redmire Pool and also Bernice Brewster from Aquatic consultancy both came up with the same name……..VS fisheries. 

After speaking to Viv and discussing my venue we came up with a plan and the order was placed for 140 C4s, 14 C5s and 14 C6s.

We took delivery of the fish in December and they were absolutely stunning every single one so much so I have placed a further order for late 2016. The after service has been brilliant with Viv always there to answer any questions I may have. If you are looking to stock your venues then you need look nowhere else... A truly professional company.

Raymond Porteus, Greenhalgh Fishery

We are now coming up to the anniversary of stocking the first batch of carp and wanted to express our thanks for helping us with the entire process. The club entered into the process knowing very little about stocking levels, what type of carp we needed and any preparation required. To say that VS Fisheries made the whole process so simple is testament to the knowledge and efficiency of the team.

We also had a large turnout on stocking day and all the usual questions were accepted graciously and answered by your team without hesitation. Your team had far more patience that I would have had and this was appreciated by all present.

I can confirm the Carp have settled very well and a few were caught with 2 weeks of delivery, excellent angling obviously by whoever concerned. Weight gain seems promising and we will of course let you know what the carp have put on for the C4 & C5 strains that we purchased.

We have just placed our order for the next stocking and look forward to receiving another selection of the fabulous carp you are producing.

Pete Winder, Shotgate AC

When you are investing in stock you have to know you are buying the best with proven strong bloodlines. I chose VSF because no one has as much knowledge and expertise as these guys... Always good advice, nothing is too much trouble and the fish are first class. 

Jon Pottenger, Southern Waterscapes

I can’t recommend VS Fisheries highly enough. I have dealt with Viv and Simon for a number of years now and they always go that extra mile to get things just right. The quality of their fish is amazing and on visiting their site, I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of everything.

In my experience, they are light years ahead of anyone else in their field and attention to detail is second to none. Well done VS Fisheries – highly recommended.

Mike Willmott, Essential Baits / Springwood Fishery

Our lake was going to be stocked from scratch and was going to be a one-time investment, so this had to be done with the best fish possible.

I met Viv Shears at Sparsholt College at the Coarse Fish Meeting before we had even built our lake and picked his brain over fish and the stocking of a new lake during which he couldn't have been more helpful with. After a bit more research the VS Fisheries name kept coming up which pretty much decided it for me that they were guys to go with.

We placed our order and 18 months later 45 Carp arrived. I have to say they were absolutely gorgeous, 30x C5s and 15x C6s, all completely individual with some real stunners which we can see growing on well here with us.

A big thanks to Viv, Simon and the VS Fisheries team.

Jez Sussex, The Pook Fishery, West Sussex

Thank you both for the 35 x C5's you delivered to Velocity last winter (2014/15). They were all stunners! Dealing with you was a pleasure from start to finish especially being able to come to VS early one morning to handpick the fish and then watching them go into my lakes a few hours later. I am sure that they will do very well over the coming years and I will keep you posted with their progress.

Not only do you supply top quality fish at VSF but you also provide a first class service so thanks again Viv and Simon from me and all my members

Phil Chambers, Owner, Velocity Angling

Firstly, I would like to say how good VS Fisheries were to deal with. Viv kept me up to speed all the way along and always returned my calls when I had a question. When you are looking to invest your clubs funds on stock these guys really give you the confidence you are doing the right thing.

More importantly the fish are absolutely mint. We are super happy with VS Fisheries and would recommend them to anyone looking for top quality fish.

Wayne Green, Meadow Fisheries

Having been fortunate enough to lease a mature gravel pit with some truly original carp in residence and many pushing on 35+ years old so proper old characters, but unfortunately they don’t last forever.

In the past decade we had stocked some commons and a few lovely Leneys but we needed to take the lake to the next level. After searching the web, ringing up carp suppliers and chatting to other fishery owners we came across VS Fisheries. Viv, Simon and the teams’ knowledge and understanding in what goes into producing and supplying carp is second to none. After a few chats with Viv discussing everything carpy, and our best options, we placed an order for a mixture of their C5, C4 and C3 carp. This would give us a variety of different crosses, from pedigree blood lines, to ensure fit, young fish coming through over the next few years.

Eighteen months seemed like a long time but it was soon here and I made the long journey south to VS Fisheries for what I can only describe as one of the best fishing experiences I have had. Hand picking the C4s and C5s, which included fully scaled, zip linears, apple slice scaled mirrors along with the odd leather and common, was an amazing experience. “I want that one!” comes to mind as the choice was so vast. Viv couldn’t have been more helpful and patient and then confirmed the fish would be delivered once the C3s had been harvested later that week.

Viv and his daughter arrived at the syndicate with our next generation and the fish were in immaculate condition as each one was weighed, photographed and safely introduced into their new home.

We will trickle more VSF carp into the lake over the coming years as they will be our only choice when it comes to our carp supplier. Thanks to Viv, Simon and the team for their advice and especially their fish!

Gary, Yorkshire Syndicate Water

Absolute first class service from Viv and Simon over the years, the fish that we have received have been absolutely fantastic and in addition to providing the fish they are always extremely helpful whenever we have any queries at all. I’d happily recommend them to anybody.

Sam Carter, Hastings, Bexhill and District Freshwater AA

Here at Maidstone Victory we are lucky to have one of the premiere carp waters in Kent and home to a now aging population of genuinely great carp. As part of our stock replenishment policy, it became clear that we needed some continuity. In the past we had avoided stocking this water as, in general, carp stock fish were of a more 'general' standard. Our members we used to fishing for what have become known as 'Heritage' carp, and only top quality fish could be allowed to maintain the waters high standard.

After a year long search of the stock fish market, it became clear that VS Fisheries were the only people around who could supply the type of fish we were looking for. After contacting Viv, an initial discussion led to the stocking committee meeting with him at the farm, to review their processes and inspect not only the fish, but the way they were selected and handled, along with disease prevention and management. Throughout this process Viv and Simon remained open and positive, displaying the knowledge expected from someone with their background and experience. This is so different from other suppliers who were suspiciously secretive about their fish. We were very impressed with what we found, and especially with the attitude and openness towards all our questions.

So, we placed an order and were told it would be 18 months or so before it could be fulfilled. We knew this would be worth the wait, but it was a little frustrating as we were now keen to see the fish in our water. Fortunately, the wait was a lot shorter than anticipated, and not a year after the decision was made, the tanks rolled up to the lake amid great excitement. The fish were everything we could have hoped for, clean as a whistle, and absolutely beautiful. Cameras were clicking away as they were introduced with the minimum of fuss into their new home.

I'd like to record our thanks to Viv, Simon and the team for their great service, and patience with all our probing and questions. It genuinely feels like a partnership, and I'm sure one which will continue in years to come.

The Committee, Maidstone Victory AS

Having purchased fish from VS Fisheries over the last 3 years, I wouldn’t plan to go anywhere else. I’ve found them very honest, professional and their passion for Carp shows in the stunning fish they produce.

I had a small number of fish stocked into Northwycke Lake 3 years ago and they have grown on to become target fish for anglers, not just for their size but also for the “Trophy Shot” which is equally important to my members.

Once I started my second lake, there was no doubt where I was going to look to stock it. I was after fish of different sizes, shapes and unique scale patterns, VS Fisheries filled this brief and sold me some beautiful fish. Sandmere now has 3 Lakes containing some of the most distinctive and photogenic carp in Essex.

I have ordered more fish from VS Fisheries for delivery over the next 2 years and look forward to seeing what they have in store for me.

Thank you Viv, Simon and your entire team for all your hard work and dedication, for which we, at Violet Fisheries, are extremely grateful!

Karl Bownes, Violet Fisheries

When I purchased Riverton fishery I set myself the task of looking for a reputable supplier of English carp. VS Fisheries are renowned for their quality good looking fish and after purchasing my fish I cannot recommend their fish highly enough plus add to this the great customer care and after sales service they offer.

VS Fisheries are a forward thinking company leading the way in the development of future carp strains whilst retaining superb looking carp. They are great people to deal with and offer excellent fishery advice if needed. All at Riverton are looking forward to a promising future watching the VSF carp grow.

Carl Robinson, Riverton Fishery, Devon

Having inherited a lake with dwindling original stock but of an age that made them historically important in the local area the importance of finding a safe and reliable source of stock fish to supplement the existing fish and indeed provide true English heritage was of prime importance.

We have received a number of steady stockings from VSF since our first season as a syndicate and among those stockings we have been fortunate to receive some truly stunning fish with lineage from Leney, Dink, Sutton at Hone and Harrow. With the fantastic selection of fish available at VSF we have been able to selectively stock to our requirements. The only problem you will have with VSF is knowing when to stop with such fantastic choices and Viv and Simon's passion for producing truly stunning fish!

Andrew Boaz, Oulton Park Syndicate

We were over the moon with the quality of the carp we delivered from VS Fisheries and we loved the paperwork detailing the broodstock and bloodlines – a very nice touch!

Richard Bennewith, Fisheries Manager, Lamby Lakes

We have to say that VS Fisheries are the most professional fish farmers we have come across.  From first contact they have been extremely helpful and easy to deal with.  The fish they are selling are second to none and we are delighted with the C5s they supplied.  We look forward to continuing to use VS Fisheries for the future improvement of our fisheries. 

Daz Osbourne, Rod Hutchinsons Woldview Fishery. 

Having been taught by Viv and Simon at Sparsholt College there was no question as to who I would purchase fish from to stock Sandhurst Lake. It was very important to me to stock fish that would complement the existing carp and knowing how professionally VS Fisheries is run and the quality of the carp they produce left no doubt I would receive some stunning fish. As always it was an absolute pleasure dealing with Viv and sure enough a variety of carp were delivered in mint condition. Sandhurst Lake has a great future thanks to VS fisheries. Many thanks to Viv, Simon and the VSF team, keep up the good work!

Nick Leach, Owner of Sandhurst Lake, Yateley

Thank you for all your help over this last season with our new stock. With all three stockings supplied this last season, I have to say, they were some of the best looking carp we have ever had. Looking forward to seeing these fish grow and if they do anywhere as well as the VSF stockings from previous years then we will all be more than delighted. It has been great having some new strains introduced and the few commons you supplied were fantastic looking fish.

Many thanks

Richard Silvester, Fishery Manager for Chichester & District A.S

A very big thanks you to VS Fisheries for the C4s we had stocked into our big lake this January at Willow Park Fishery, absolutely stunning and fin perfect fish. A definite must have in any fishery new or old. I can still remember being a college student at Sparsholt with Viv and Simon as tutors and VS Fisheries was just a pipe dream. The VS fish are a credit to Viv and Simon and its all thanks to their experience. Hopefully a little rubbed off on me at college!

Many thanks again.

Edd Orford, Fishery Manager, Willow Park Fishery.

The purchase of some C4 mirrors and commons for my newly created lake was just the start of a first class service from VS. The paperwork for the introduction of the fish was a seamless process for me. The fish delivered were in excellent condition and introduced to their new home. VS have been a fantastic source of help with the questions I have had on the development of a new lake. The fish introduced bred in the first season and now I have mini commons and mirrors to supplement the bigger fish. These are now packing on weight and look in superb condition.

Many thanks to VSF for their high quality fish and excellent after sales support.

Andrew Dennis, Suffolk

We are very happy indeed with the dealings we have had this year with VS Fisheries: quality of service, attention to detail and responsiveness to our requests have been everything that a customer could possibly hope for.

But, best of all are the fish – some absolutely stunning C4 Mirrors.

Many thanks to Viv and Simon for looking after us so well – so well, that even handing-over the cheque didn’t feel like doing business!

A South of England Private Club

On behalf of Warrington Anglers Association I would like to thank you for the continued high quality of the carp that we have purchased from VS Fisheries over recent years. I know that we pay for them and naturally expect the best, but that aside it is also the fact that you demonstrate on every occasion that you actually are interested in both the future and welfare of the carp even after release into the receiving fishery. The service that you provide is hassle free and the growth rates of the fish are exceptional. Certainly our members are very happy indeed and can hardly wait for our next delivery.

Frank Lythgoe, Hon Secretary – Warrington AA

A big thank you to Viv, Simon and the rest of the VS Fisheries team for our recent stocking of C5 carp to one of our Lakes. The fish were immaculate in looks and condition and the service was excellent. We now have a bright future of Carp fishing to look forward too. The club will be dealing with VS Fisheries in years to come to keep our fishing club producing superb and exclusive angling to its members.

Andy Riley, Rickmansworth Conservative Angling Society

Many thanks for our delivery of carp it was an absolute pleasure to deal with VS Fisheries for the first time. In all the stockings I have been involved in I have never dealt with a more professional outfit, you arrived very punctually as arranged and the delivery contained exactly what I had ordered - for the first time ever!

The fish were handled very sensitively and gently and not rushed. I really appreciated being allowed to photograph the fish as they were stocked and not feeling rushed or under pressure as I have done before. I do apologise once more for the amount of times I said “Oh my god look at that one!” I was amazed at how good looking and in such pristine condition the fish were in.

Alan Taylor, Millhouse Fisheries, Ecton lakes.

A big thank you to all at VS Fisheries for the delivery of our C5 Carp this October. The fish are stunning especially the scaly mirror which has had rave reviews through our website.

A special thanks must go to Viv himself, he treated our order with the kind of respect one would associate with a much larger order. Every email was replied to the same day and every phone call was answered with much enthusiasm.

I look forward to dealing with VS Fisheries the next time we require another batch of outstanding carp.

Dave, The Retreat Carp Lake, Shropshire/Powys

In September 2010 Dartford and District Angling and Preservation Society, (DDAPS),  acquired an 18 acre lake in Hildenborough in Kent. The lake was a totally blank canvas for us because the lake had never been officially stocked before apart from flooding of the nearby river Medway. The DDAPS committee are only a bunch of anglers so we decided to call on VS Fisheries to set us out a long term plan that would make this lake DDAPS's jewel in the crown. I met Viv Shears many years ago when he was at one of the angling shows, soon after he and Simon Scott set up their business, so I knew with their track record with lakes like Sandhurst they were the guys for the job.

Viv came down to meet some of the committee and we spent a long morning walking the perimeter of the lake discussing the various options for the new fishery. We all decided the lake had the potential to be a top class specimen water that, when stocked correctly, would provide our members with fantastic sport for years to come. Within a few days Viv came back to us with his carefully considered plan which we will carry out to the letter.

An initial stocking was carried out in mid November 2011 with 120 C4's and 300 C3's. A total of 420 of the most  stunning carp I've ever seen, fully scaled, half linear , full linear and a few commons now grace our lake . We were also supplied with a pallet of pellet to feed the fish for the next few months before we allow anglers to fish.

We can fully recommend VS Fisheries for their most professional way they conduct their business, their  expertise and after sales help is second to none.

DDAPS look forward to our second stocking in a couple of years time as these fish are well worth waiting for.

Robin Monday (on behalf of DDAPS)

Wow what a day Saturday was! Russell and I are two very happy men, you guys have done us proud with the fish supplied. The choice of C3 and C4 fish was really over-whelming, I've never seen so many cracking fish ever! The C6's are amazing and truly stunning and I'm sure they are going to grow up very happy in their new home. The whole experience from arrival at the fish barn, coffee, picking the fish, weighing up, delivery, photo's and waving Sue and Simon off home was nothing short of awesome. THANKS EVER SO MUCH!!!

Jim Marshall, East Sussex

We all made it home safely. Everybody is very chuffed here and you must be very proud as they are all stunning fish that you supplied. Many thanks and all at the club look forward to homing some more of your fantastic fish in the future!

Southwold Angling Club

This is the second winter we have purchased fish from VS Fisheries Ltd. We were so pleased with our first delivery that we knew that any subsequent opping up would be from VS. They are hard fighting fish and our members are over the moon with the quality. They are fair and honestly priced and VS go out of the way to please. The quality is consistent and all advice and costings are always spot on. We would recommend VS to anyone.

Merthyr Anglers

When buying fish from Viv and Simon you can be sure of the best of service. We have bought 20lb + carp and 6” tench from VS Fisheries and let me assure you the service you get is exactly the same no matter what size the order and nothing is too much trouble for these guys. They keep you informed every step of the way and when they give you a delivery date they keep to it.

One other thing that is very rare now-a-days is the after service, you can ring Viv or Simon with any fish related problem and they will do their best to help you out.

When looking for any fish my first phone call will be to VS Fisheries and I very much doubt I will be making anymore calls anywhere elsewhere. 

  Steve Mead, Seaford Angling Club

After 20 years working with the Environment Agency, and witnessing thousands of carp stockings over the years, I have first-hand knowledge of most of the fish suppliers in the country. That's why, when choosing stock fish for my fisheries at St Ives, I had no hesitation in using VS Fisheries. Viv and Simon are second to none when it comes to breeding carp in the UK. Their dedication to their beloved fish, mixing the right strains, professionalism and fish husbandry are unsurpassed, and when combined with their passion for carp fishing, the history and future of our pastime, you know the fish they stock will play a valuable part of carp fishing in this country for years to come.

Gordy Howes, St Ives Lakes

Here at CEMEX Angling we only buy what we think are the best fish that we can source from suppliers in this country. Since VS Fisheries started a few years ago we have continually bought fish in all size ranges to stock into our waters as we feel that they are not only consistent in terms of great appearance and quality but also have shown a superb growth return year on year.

When stocking waters with outside sourced fish, having peace of mind in your suppliers and their product is everything and the supply, service and of course the fish from VS Fisheries are second to none. Years of experience have provided the staff at VSF with the knowledge and expertise to produce, in our eyes, some of the best fish available in this country.

Rupert “Roo” Newby, Cemex Angling Manager

Horseshoe Lake is renowned for its beautiful looking fish, their colouration, scale patterns and condition have long been the stuff of dreams for countless Carp Anglers.In 2009 we took the decision to invest in stock which would underpin and ensure that future generations of anglers would continue to enjoy the wonderful fish and fishing at Horseshoe. Our fish aren’t getting any younger and whilst all is well now, at some point Horseshoe would need an injection of new stock. To maintain the quality was very important to us.

We had no hesitation in selecting Viv and Simon as the supplier. We have known and admired them for many years in their capacities as Lecturers at Sparsholt. They have taken that expertise, enthusiasm and knowledge into their business and now produce some stunning fish.

We stocked 180 C4 fish into Horseshoe in November 2010 and 50 into our Syndicate Lake in Lincolnshire. A large financial investment but worth every penny! So pleased are we with the quality of their fish we have ordered 30 C4 fish each year for the next five years for our waters.

If you are seeking new stock look no further, these guys are at the top of their game.

David Mannall, The Carp Society

I would just like to say thank you for the professional friendly service I have received from VS Fisheries. After receiving my first delivery of C4 and C5 carp I would also like to compliment you on how stunning these carp look. Members of my syndicate and friends have also publicly expressed how happy they are with the looks and weights of these carp. Since I decided to order from VS Fisheries I must say the service has been exceptional. I have been kept informed of the whole process from the initial order through to delivery, every email I sent was replied to promptly. Both Viv and Simon have taken the time to speak to me over the phone when I called and on delivery Viv took his time to ensure all went smoothly and the carp were safely released.

This was the first stocking I have undertaken and choosing the right supplier for my fish I believe was crucial for the future of my business. I now know I have made the correct choice and look forward to dealing with VS Fisheries in my future projects.

Again well done on producing these stunning carp and thank you for a professional and friendly service!

Stephen Alford, Inspired Angling

When choosing fish for your lake to me it's imperative that you select fish with individual characters, markings, and selective strains, the fish we were supplied with from VS Fisheries are without doubt the best we have seen, tick all the right boxes and then some! The 'Sovereign' strain of fish they supply are truly breathtaking, solid frames and some wicked scale patterns. The fish have achieved excellent growth rates and a set to become very much sought after in years to come. The testament of us re-ordering with them for late 2010 speaks volumes for the quality of these fish.

Callum Wilson, Silver Lake Carp Fishery -

After contacting a few fisheries and making enquiries, it was obvious that V.S. Fisheries were the company to use to obtain quality, good looking, healthy carp that would grow to be absolute stunners. On initial contact with Viv, it was touch and go whether we would get our 30 fish, due to the fact that we had enquired so late in the year, but we were delighted when Viv contacted us to tell us that he had the fish available and they were ready for collection! We travelled to V.S. and were warmly welcomed by all the staff. Simon and Viv where very down to earth and they were extremely helpful and forthcoming with all the information we required to make a successful stocking. We look forward to purchasing more fish next year from V.S. In our eyes, there's no other fishery that gives this kind of quality and service. Thanks very much to you all at V.S. Fisheries, it has been a pleasure!

Parc Nant-y-waun Angling Club members

I have been lucky enough to build a fishery from start to finish, I now realise how much hard work and investment it takes to get there.  With this in mind I wanted fish that would offer something special for the visiting anglers, and also help set the venue apart from other fisheries.  I believe the delivery of 80 fish I took from VS Fisheries this winter will give Blackthorn fishery the best opportunity possible to be a premiere water in the future.  The variety of fish delivered was fantastic, from almost fully scaled to full linears, and all in mint condition.  I have placed an order for next year already!  Viv was more than happy to answer any questions I had, I’m sure I will be using him for any consultancy I need in the future.  In a nutshell dealing with VS Fisheries was friendly and professional from start to finish, and money well spent! 

Charlie Hughes. Blackthorn Fishery, Oswestry, Shropshire

Superb! That is the best way that I can describe both the service, and the carp, we have received from VS Fisheries. Having just taken delivery of a second batch of carp from VSF, we have again been impressed by the ‘team’ of Viv, Simon and Sue. They were all up and ready at 7am when we arrived to select our fish, carefully picking out and weighing each beautifully scaled carp, then delivering them safely within a couple of hours.

The first batch of VS carp were stocked into one of our lakes in November 2009, one year ago, and have thrived. Some have already put on in excess of three pounds, but most importantly this new strain will boost our existing and future stock level.

Mike Holcombe, Godalming Angling Society

I would just like to take this opportunity to say the 20 x C4 carp we purchased from you in November 2010, are some of the most stunning characters our syndicate has come across. Whatever looks of fish we asked for, we got and some real growers in there too! This is an excellent acquisition to our stock, and will enhance our lake greatly. Every member was really impressed with them with several asking why we had not purchased them from you before? Once again many thanks.

Joe Easton and the Birch Pool Syndicate

Having just seen the fish you supplied upon my return from work I would like to say they are the best fish we have ever been supplied. Having bought over 3000 carp from different suppliers over the last year or so and your fish are the best we have seen by far! Now really looking forward to seeing the C3 fish next winter – Cant wait!

Gary Sutton, Stoke-on-Trent

Firstly a big thank you from all of us at Harrogate and Claro for supplying us with fish this year. All those present commented on their classic looks and good average size. Due to the age of our original fish your fish represent the future of our lake and with the stunning selection of fish you brought up to us today it is now definitely looking good for many years to come.  We all look forward to seeing this new blood prosper and will keep you informed of their progress. We are already looking forward to seeing you next year with our second batch of fish due, which are due in late 2011.

Steve Barwick, Harrogate & Claro Conservative AA

Having known Viv for a number of years and being a committee member of a popular Angling Association we took the decision a few years ago, after a number of conversations, to add some stock to one of our mature lakes that, due to the age of the original fish, required some new "blood", not only to increase the stock for future generations, but add stock that would do the lake and it's history some justice.

We felt that the current stock of stunning mirrors required similar looking fish and after a long time discussing the options and evaluating all of the pro's and con's we felt there was only one option, VS Fisheries.

They did not disappoint, 10 x C5's and 5 x C4's were stocked in November 2008 and we are proud to announce that these fish are now being caught having gained 4-5 pounds in 18 months (one summer). Not only that but they have retained their fantastic shape and have started to "colour up" in line with the current older stock and look like they belong in this lake.

It is worth noting that Viv and Simon have been nothing other than extremely helpful, on both this issue and other issues of fisheries management consultation.

All of the Club's committee members and I would not hesitate in recommending their fish and advice to any club.

Runnymede Angling Association

Thanks again for all your assistance. Viv was very understanding with a novice attempting to register a water for the first time and his advice and help was invaluable throughout.

Simon couldn't have been more patient with ourselves when choosing the carp. Everyone was a stunner and I would have been pleased taking any of them home. After taking the time to ask what I was looking to achieve with my stock he even advised me to purchase fewer fish!

What a refreshing change to deal with a company who isn't just out to make a buck and really do put your needs and the carps welfare first.

Mike Tuppenney, West Sussex

Dear Simon and Viv

Just wanted to drop you a quick mail to say thanks for your help and allowing us to hand select our order of C3 carp on Sunday 13th December 2009. We were all impressed with the quality of the stock available to choose from and are very pleased with the fish we selected. Your professional approach and courteous attitude shown throughout the ordering and collection process was also discussed on our long drive back. Your commitment, dedication and enthusiasm for what you do at VS Fisheries is clearly obvious to us.

Wishing you continued success for the future, I'm confident we'll be ordering with you again.

Steve Jackson, Aldermere Carp Syndicate

Hi Viv, It was a great pleasure to meet you, Simon and the rest of your team.

Phil and I were greatly impressed with your organisation and setup on site. The help and assistance we received with selecting, weighing, photographing and bagging the fish for transport was wonderful.

We were asked by Simon to individually select the fish we wanted. To you and Simons credit the fish available to us were so good that it was nigh on impossible to make a selection, all the fish in the holding tank were absolute stunners. We could have taken any of them and they all would have been fantastic.  All the fish travelled perfect and are now swimming happily in our lake.

It is complement to you and Simon that we were so impressed with what we found that we have ordered some 20s for a future date. Thank you very much for all the good work and we look forward to seeing you again when we collect the 20s.

Bicton Specimen Angling Club

Thank's again to all of you at V.S. Fisheries. We have just received our first consignment of C4s from V.S.Fisheries on 28th November 2010. From the time we picked out our carp to them swimming in our lake was less than two hours, a very smooth operation indeed. These are probably some of the best looking carp I have ever seen. Viv and Simon are very friendly and answered all our questions with the utmost professionalism. I wound not hesitate in highly recommending them to anybody who wish to have some first class stock.

R Northeast, Surrey Estate Lake

Thanks to you and yours for an awesome day! Dave and I really enjoyed ourselves picking out our C3 carp. They are now in our lake, leaping around everywhere... and hopefully at some point in the future munching all that bait. Now down the pub dreaming of your very sexy carp!

Ben Hollis, West Sussex

All the kids are now home safe! When we left they were playing like spring lambs – a very special day for me. It’s rare that I enjoy parting with money but thanks for making it very much pain free!

Jon Spong , West Sussex

"We had our first delivery from VS Fisheries at the beginning of Dec 07 and weren't disappointed. The 100 (C4's) that we stocked into our Hardwick Lake were absolutely stunning with some of the fish having an incredible length to them for their size - I'm sure they will grow on to be very sought after fish to catch in years to come, in fact we've already placed another order for winter 08 for one of our other lakes."

Chris Blunt, Linear Fishery Officer

"Everyone from the club who saw the 2007 stocking were very impressed with the quality of the carp that were purchased as well as the very professional friendly service and advice offered from Viv and Simon. We were so impressed we have placed another order for this coming winter (2008/9). Sittingbourne Angling Club is looking forward to dealing with VS fisheries again."

An update from Sittingbourne Angling Club following a stocking from VS Fisheries in December 2007.

"Recently, I purchased 30 x C4s of the most stunning carp I have seen in a long time from VS Fisheries. On the day that I turned up, I was very fortunate to have the pick of the litter. In all, I choose my 30 carp from a batch of around 70. The scaling pattern of these fish were very distinctive and in certain cases, almost Leney-like. To counter this, there were also a couple of leathers that hopefully one day will be modern-day Heathers! The carp varied in size from about 8lb up to 12lb. The most pertinent point of the whole exercise was the service that I received from Viv Shears and Simon Scott. I had come across the both of them during my work as Editor of Advanced Carp Fishing."

"During the last couple of years, I have asked for their advice on fishery management and it is always been constructive. More importantly, I had been keeping tabs on the carp that they had stocked up and down the country. In nearly all the cases the growth rate was very good without being spectacular. I have purchased fish in the past that have grown very quickly but also have encountered problems with them due to unsustainable growth rates. The carp supplied by VS Fisheries have a sustainable weight gain that does not appear scary. Fed on a diet formulated from their knowledge of the ecology of carp, both are lecturers at Sparsholt College, the VS stock get the perfect dietary balance they need when they need it most: the early part of their life."

"I would have no problem in recommending the fish that Simon and Viv supply."

Mark Holmes, Editor, Advanced Carp Fishing

"We ordered our first consignment of Carp from VS Fisheries in 2006. In November 2007 they were delivered to our stock ponds, I have to say they were without doubt the best looking carp I have ever seen and we put in another order on the same day!"

Charles Thompson, Fisheries Manager, Boyer Leisure Ltd

"Very pretty fish, which will make a new generation for our future stocks and improve the genetics of existing stock should they breed successfully. We were able to hand pick the fish with the scale patterns we wanted from their clean water holding tanks with ease and at our leisure. I have known Viv and Simon for some time in various roles; as angling activists, lecturers in fisheries management and now fish farmers. With the stock they have they will be successful and continue to produce fish of exceptional quality."

Mike Heylin, Boxmoor & District AC

"When we received our first batch of fish from VS Fisheries we were so delighted with them that we ordered some more for delivery a few weeks later. Stunning, scaley and well-proportioned fish that we are more than pleased to introduce into Waveney. When we need fish again then we know who we will be calling."

Mr M Davis, Waveney Valley Lakes, Norfolk

"Sittingbourne Angling club had been trying to restock a couple of it's lakes for the past three years with the same quality strain as previous stocking's only to be let down time and time again by our previous supplier. Enough was enough and so we decided to look elsewhere and were pointed in the direction of VS Fisheries. After a very informative chat with Viv Shears, who was very helpful in discussing the best way forward in restocking our lakes, the club has decided to go ahead with the stocking due to the excellent and professional approach we received from VS Fisheries..."

Sittingbourne Angling Club

"Viv and Simon supplied us with exactly what we required, beautiful looking carp of the highest quality with growth rates that have more than exceeded our expectations. Their expert advice both before and since stocking has been invaluable."

Tim Smith, Fishery Manager, Llynclys Pool

"After investigating lots of potential fish suppliers I spoke to Viv Shears at VS FISHERIES as I was in search of 50 special carp for my new syndicate lake. The fish they supplied were a mix of lovely commons and mirrors with varying scaling and I was more than impressed with them when they arrived. The fish have been in my lake for two and a half years and are going from strength to strength. They have flourished and the best fish have put on in excess of 13lbs with around 10lbs being the average..."

Adam Cooper, Weavers Way Carp Syndicate, Norfolk

"The service that VS Fisheries provided to me and my brother when we were setting up the lake was first class. A site visit by Viv covered all areas of the sites development and stocking requirements plus other aspects that I had never considered. The post-consultancy service is amazing and despite peppering them with various questions over the last few months they have always come back promptly with their views and suggestions to solve our concerns. A first class service from a first class company."

Jeff Collins, Manager, Lake Juvansé,

"I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that Simon Scott and Viv Shears had teamed-up sell their own carp for the trade under the banner of VS Fisheries. Having previously received good advice for my own fishery from this experienced team, I had no hesitation in placing an early order in the autumn of 2006. VS Fisheries supplied us with around 30 fish which were well marked carp and from a proven parentage. We know these fish will develop good shape and bone structure with the deep shoulders that can help sustain weight and add strength over time. Running a fishery is not easy and there are many factors that can affect the progress of the fish and the fishing. Cutting corners is not an option for me especially when it involves my own lake and a life-times ambition. So, a reliable and experienced fish supplier is an imperative requirement for the success of a private syndicate such as ours. I have no hesitation in wishing VS Fisheries a great future. I will continue to purchase stock fish and seek their advice at all times"

John Baker, Whistley Mill Fishery

I would like to offer my congratulations to Viv and Simon for producing some of the best looking carp we have seen, with perfect length and proportions the fish I received in December 2008 were real belters and everyone at the Park Fishery syndicate are looking forward to seeing their progress in the coming year. The service does not stop there, both Viv and Simon have been there to answer all my questions and generally offer their valuable advice. Anyone looking to stock quality carp with hassle free service need look no further than VS Fisheries.

Mark Wickham, Park Fishery Syndicate, Sussex

"I have just received around 50 fabulous carp from VS fisheries to complement my existing stock, and all of them as good as their exceptional web site suggests. Not only were they in superb condition, but I also managed to get some virtually fully scaled mirrors, linears, near leathers, and commons all in one batch. The service was first class, down to earth and Viv and Simon both gave me more of their time and knowledge than I could have hoped for.

I have no doubts that these fish will become very sought after, and would recommend not only the fish, but Viv and Simons knowledge and helpfulness to anyone looking to build a quality fishery for the future."

Dave Marvell, Blakemere, Shropshire.

With a well established lake containing carp to over 40lb we decided to invest in a small number of top quality carp to ensure the long term future of the fishery as a specimen water. Our extensive research identified VS Fisheries as one of the few businesses able to supply carp to the quality we desired. The knowledgeable and friendly advice from Viv Shears helped us to finalise our plans, and a dozen stunning looking C4 carp were delivered in November 2008. The carp had a wide range of scale patterns making them easily identifiable, all beautifully proportioned with sturdy frames that makes us confident that they will steadily grow on to become the specimens of the future. From first contact through to delivery of the fish, VS Fisheries provided a very professional and helpful service.

Richard Bell, Shefford & District Angling Association

"Above and Beyond" springs to mind with the service I received from VS fisheries.

When I made my first tentative enquiry to Viv about a small number of carp for my genetic collection, I was met with total enthusiasm, unlike some carp farms where I was met with disdain. The logistics of getting carp to the most northerly tip of mainland UK are frightful at times, yet Viv, with quite a lot of difficulty and time consuming work finally managed to get the fish to me.

The fish were everything that I had hoped for, so much so I am now going to place further orders for my fishing lakes. The enthusiasm that Viv and Simon share for the carp they farm means that when you purchase carp from them you get the best."

Frank Bojda. Owner and Manager Nipster Fisheries, Caithness, Highlands. Scotland.