Frequently Asked Questions

Yes this is possible although we are happy to select them on your behalf if you give us an idea of what fish you are looking for. We always try to pick a nice selection of fish for all our customers from what we have in the holding facility when it comes to loading the fish for your delivery.
Your fishery will need to be registered with CEFAS and also have your EA Live Fish Movement Site Permit in place and cover the species to be introduced. See the Stocking Paperwork section. for more information.
Your order, no matter how big or small, is important to us here at VS Fisheries. On all our fish from C3s and upwards there is no minimum order but we may ask that small orders of fish are collected or we can safely post them to you using a licensed courier. We often deliver to several customers in a single area on a given day so due to this we can potentially deliver smaller numbers of fish to your fishery. For smaller carp and tench there is a minimum fish order value of £50 excluding VAT and these are most often sent out via a courier.
Yes this is definitely possible for small numbers of fish as we can put them in large tough plastic bags with sufficient water and oxygen for the journey home. It may seem hard to believe but this method of moving the fish works very well and the fish travel safely for several hours. We use the same method to send fish out on a 24 hour courier and have moved fish to nearly 30lbs like this in the past. We do have strict bio-security protocols for customers collecting fish and these will be explained when arranging your collection.
We mix all our various crosses together to give a batch of fish of the same age that have a wide variety of scale patterns and shape. We believe that variety is the spice of life! If you are after something in particular we will do our best to select fish to meet your requirements and it is best to let us know when you place the order.
No as generally each year class contains about 10 – 15% commons and these are spread amongst all the customers so unless specifically requested assume that there will be a few commons in your delivery. If you want just commons please let us know when you order the fish.
We are happy to supply pellets to our customers and they come in 25kg bags. Price depends on the pellet type and the amount. Get in contact with Viv for more details via the Contact Us page.
To be fair to all our customers we cannot do this so please expect fish to range within the weights indicated on the prices page. If we have a very good growing year then there may well be fish above the normal upper weight limit included in your delivery.
We will agree an arrival time to be at your fishery and will keep you updated if delayed for any reason. We do often delivery to two or three sites in a day so times may slip a little but we will get there. We will always have top quality scales, weigh slings and an unhooking mat with us so all you should need is to bring a camera and a note pad to record the weights. We will also record the weights so we can agree the total weight at the end of the delivery. A few extra pairs of hands are always useful as well, especially if the fish need to be carried some distance to the lake. We want you to be totally happy with the whole experience so we always allow time for pictures of the fish to be taken whilst unloading the fish at your site.
This isn’t a problem. We can work out what weight of fish you can purchase for your budget including delivery charges, the admin fee (£10) and VAT at 20% in advance. We then weigh the fish on as we load them in the morning until we have at least the required value on board. Obviously with this we cannot give you an exact number of fish to expect but we are normally pretty close!
We will always try to give you at least 5 days notice before your delivery. We deliver 7 days a week during the winter period so it may be on any given day during the week. We will try to accommodate weekend deliveries if possible but due to multiple deliveries in a day it may have to be on a week day.